I am available to help you eliminate the gremlins in your systems. My focus is on repairing, upgrading, servicing and improving the reliability of existing systems.

Do you have a problem with your boat's communications, electronics or electrical systems? I can help.

Does your VHF radio range seem weak? Would you like to reduce power consumption aboard? Would you like to add a solar panel? Do you need help calibrating your wind instruments? Would you like to add a new gadget but don't want to disturb the rat's nest of wires behind the console? I can help with all of that and more.

Are you planning a high-latitude expedition or an extended cruise anywhere? I can help.

My name is Chris Harris; I have over 30 years experience as a telecommunications and electronics engineer. I have been sailing, maintaining and preparing high-latitude sailing yachts for the last 10 years; I am also a live-aboard cruiser and am very familiar with the tough environment that a workboat, cruising or expedition yacht has to operate in.

With this background I have the experience to help you to:

  • troubleshoot any systems problems that you may have and assist you in ensuring that you don't suffer the same failures again,
  • prepare your yacht for an extended cruise, advise you on redundant systems and what spare parts to carry,
  • prepare a bespoke manual for your yacht complete with trouble shooting guidance and train you in the basic procedures required to islolate any fault.


From Skip Novak of Pelagic Expeditions

Chris Harris, technical director of Pelagic Expeditions has worked with the company for the last 10 years on an as needed basis. He has been in charge of refitting the high latitude expedition sailing vessel Pelagic Australis since 2006, in Cape Town and in various ports in South America.

There are very few boat captains that have enough knowledge about marine electrics and especially marine electronics to be able to diagnose and resolve issues which in the marine environment come up continually. Trained as a communications engineer Chris can read and design technical drawings, reconfigure technical drawings 'as built or modified' and of course install and calibrate new equipment. His computer skills are first class which is useful when it comes to setting up communications systems on board including Iridium and Fleet Broadband.

His other skills are far reaching including plumbing systems, diesel mechanics, rigging and just about any system on board yachts both motor and sail.

I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with all things marine, especially those cruisers who are looking to prepare their boats for extended voyaging.

Skip Novak

Cape Town

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I am based in Christchurch and can visit your boat anywhere within a reasonable drive radius. I can travel further afield if you cover travel costs.

No job too small - if you're stuck you're stuck.

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